Forever Still



We hope those who celebrated had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
In honor of Black Friday we had to choose between posting the vid of Rebecca Black singing “Friday” or putting the digital album on sale for $2. Lucky for you, we chose the last one. You can even send it as a gift! Omg..

Forever Still featured on Denmarks biggest rock radio!!


Our Single The Key is getting airplay on Denmarks no.1 rock radio myROCK!!

Last live shows of 2013


Don’t miss our last live shows of 2013 on November 1st at Harders, Svendborg and November 2nd at High Voltage, Copenhagen.

Maja talks with Dave from Ravenheart Music


Hi Maja and after I had heard your music, I felt compelled to do this mailer interview with you. Can you introduce us to the members of the band and tell us a little bit about how you all came together?
I’m glad to hear that, thank you! Actually, Mikkel saw me performing a show with my former hobby band back in 2009, and he got in touch with me thinking, we could make something great together, and he was right! I really wanted a project to pour my soul into, and Mikkel’s ideas seemed to fuse extremely well with mine. After a few years of writing together, we decided, it was time to introduce it to the world and we went looking for musicians to play live with. This is when we came across Chad (drums) and Carsten (guitar), who has also added their touch to our recent EP “Breaking Free”.

Are any of your band members involved in any other musical projects?
No, we put all the time and energy we have into Forever Still. I don’t see myself giving anything less than 100% to this project, it truly deserves it.

You have recorded a four track EP. Have you had any media reaction so far to the record?
I’m happy to say that Breaking Free has been very well received. We’ve have gotten a lot of positive feedback from both… Read on