Forever Still

One week untill we release the music video for Towards The Edge!!

Towards The Edge Mikkel

Music video for Towards The Edge coming July 9!!

Screen Shot 1 TekstOn July 9 we’ll release the music video for Towards The Edge – once again it is made 100% by Forever Still! The following weeks we’ll be sharing some more details with you including pictures and other sneak peeks.

Q & A with BareBones Entertainment!!


Forever Still is a hard rock band out of Denmark. The band has made a mark in their home country and are ready to take on the rest of the world! Forever Still is made up of Maja Schonning, Mikkel Haastrup, Chad Charlton, and Carsten Christensen. Check out what the band had to say when they chatted with BareBones Ent.


BS: What is it like coming out of the Denmark music scene?
FS: The Danish music scene is quite small, especially for hard rock. Denmark is very fond of the soft indie hipster with a beard, a knitted sweater and an acoustic guitar, and that’s not really our style. If you want to be a successful band in our genre, you definitely need to cross the borders. Read more..


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