Forever Still

Q & A with BareBones Entertainment!!


Forever Still is a hard rock band out of Denmark. The band has made a mark in their home country and are ready to take on the rest of the world! Forever Still is made up of Maja Schonning, Mikkel Haastrup, Chad Charlton, and Carsten Christensen. Check out what the band had to say when they chatted with BareBones Ent.


BS: What is it like coming out of the Denmark music scene?
FS: The Danish music scene is quite small, especially for hard rock. Denmark is very fond of the soft indie hipster with a beard, a knitted sweater and an acoustic guitar, and that’s not really our style. If you want to be a successful band in our genre, you definitely need to cross the borders. Read more..


Alex CrazyAce Interviews Maja on The Rush

Danish review of Breaking Free by Calles Rock Corner!!


Breaking Free er Forever Still’s debut EP og den består af 4 sange. Det er ca. et år siden EP’en udkom, men det er først nu jeg har fået tilsendt et eksemplar til anmeldelse. Bandets spiller gothic metal og i kraft af den kvindelige vokal vil jeg sammenligne dem med eksempelvis Lacuna Coil, Epica, Evanescence, Leaves’ Eyes og Within Temptation for bare at nævne et par bands.

EP’ens tre første sange ”The Key”, ”The Last Day” og ”Towards The Edge” er alle flotte sange, med gode melodier og så er de rigtig godt skrevet. Især anden skæring ”The Last Day” falder godt i min smag. Det er den mest varierede af de tre sange og det er også den sang der afslutter EP’en, men bare i en akustisk live version. Også her fungerer sangen rigtig godt. Read on..

Beautiful feature of Forever Still from Killer Youth!

Maja SchonningMaja Schonning is the lead singer for the band Forever Still. They are a rock band that originated from the Copenhagen underground and are now one of Denmark’s most buzzed about bands. Their music is amazing because it is different then most rock music you will hear.  It features gritty guitars and catchy melodies that are loud and heavy but can also be very light and smooth. When you listen to their music you can feel pure emoting pouring out through their songs. We had the chance to sit down and talk with Maja about why she likes music and she told us, “My favorite thing about music is the raw and honest emotion. It’s an escape for me, both listening to music and making it. Music allows me to be sucked into a completely different world and just linger there. Creating music is an outlet for all my fears, all my insecurities and it’s the way I heal myself. Music keeps you company when you have no one else, and now I’m able to bring that comfort to other people, which is truly a blessing.” Read on..