Forever Still

Cat’s Litter Box review Breaking Free!

One of my very favorite things is clicking on a tune from a band I’ve never heard before and discovering something that fucking rocks.  Well, it’s gonna be a great day because it happened to me this morning when I clicked on Forever Still‘s bandcamp page! Read on...

Codex Metallicus review “Breaking Free”


Forever Still, Denmarks new female metal revelation. At this point the only Danish band ever to reach my ear… and I am starting to believe that’s totally my loss! Breaking Free gives us a well balanced EP, with Maja Schønning‘s amazing warm voiced sound and beautiful songs. The live acoustic version of ‘The Last Day” gave me goosebumps. And… read on

‘Breaking Free’ Reviewed by Alarm 666 (in Danish)


Danske Forever Still står bag denne fine lille ep, som de har valgt at navngive ”Breaking Free”. Den københavnske kvartet bevæger sig rundt i en omgang halvgotisk tung moderne synth-rock med poppede tendenser. Det er de ret gode til, og deres stærkeste kort er uden tvivl den hørbare evne til at skrive iørefaldende numre, hvor det melodiske omkvæd er i højsædet. Lyt f.eks. til åbneren ‘The Key’ eller den efterfølgende ‘The Last Day’ og man er ikke i tvivl. Read More

Umusicians Review ‘Breaking Free’

tumblr_static_um_2Since the motto for our website is “to showcase music of all types from all points of the earth”, there wouldn’t be a better example than the up and coming band from Copenhagen, Denmark, Forever Still and their debut EP “Breaking Free.” This EP is hard to describe in a single genre as it masterfully takes the essence of rock and fuses it with electronic sounds, screams and even an acoustic track. This four track album does more than most bands can do in a fifteen track album. Read more